Volunteers are at the heart of hospice

Volunteering challenges your spirit, fills your heart and enriches your own life. As a New England Hospice volunteer, you will improve the quality of life of our patients and families.

What you can do to help

When a patient is accepted into the hospice program, hospice volunteers will help patients and their families to cope with the stress of a serious illness. They do this through a program of visiting, transportation, talking and other practical help as needed. Volunteers do not do hands-on care such as bathing, toileting or giving medications.

A volunteer will normally give one to two hours per week of service to the patient and/or family. Visitation is set up at mutually convenient times for the family and the volunteer. Hospice volunteers are responsible, caring men and women. Many of whom have had personal experience with a seriously ill relative or friend. They are carefully screened and attend a twelve hour training program before they begin volunteering.

Interested in giving some of your time? Contact our office at (800) 921-4538 and we can walk you through the next steps.